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Join our host agency

``If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.``

Many are lured into the travel industry with photos of white sandy beaches and dreams of free vacations. No doubt, being a travel professional has its perks, but to be successful takes dedication and hard work. How can you build a successful business and get back to doing what you love? It’s simple — love what you do!

When you start a career as an Independent Luxury Travel Advisor, it is always best to join a host agency [which we are] with years of experience with a strong educational program, marketing resources and business development platform.  Partnerships and industry connections are key elements to building your book of business. Although you work through a host agency you are indeed your own small business owner.

Here are some guidelines to see if you would fit our team!

It is about Passion

Do you have a passion for travel as a lifestyle?

I often hear variations on this, like “If you don’t travel yourself, you shouldn’t be doing this” and “You have to love it or you’re in the wrong job.”

You have to really, really love to travel and have a passion to share it or you will burn out quickly.

Parts of the job can seem glamorous but much of it isn’t, like any job.

Black Book of Potential Business

Before you begin a new career or a career transition, you need to have a list of people that you will call first. This, in turn, will lead to referrals and more bookings. You are solving somebody else’s problem and supporting the fulfillment of dreams.

Can you Deliver the Product?

Those that seek out an advisor do spend more, and your value needs to be clear. Whatever you do needs to make their life and planning easier and better.

“You must understand your own worth and value while projecting confidence and capability in the planning process between client and advisor. This establishes trust, satisfaction, and the likelihood that a client will continue booking with you”. -Matthew Upchurch

Dedication, Patience & Training

Independent travel advisors aren’t just travel gurus; they put in the time, they are dedicated and invest in their education to become successful business owners. It takes patience and longevity to be successful in this business climate.

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