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Meet the Owner

Angela Hughes

I curate jaw dropping, breathtaking luxury vacations to the most amazing destinations in the world!


My husband often says  I put together travel itineraries in my sleep!

I have been selling travel for 35+ years, since I was a teenager working at my parent’s travel agency and have co-owned our agency since 1994.

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I just don’t sell you a product, I create an experience. Solving solutions to your problems and making your expectations and dreams a reality is what my whole luxury consultation business is all about.



I have a masters degree in Geography and a bachelors degree in Travel & Tourism from Brigham Young University.

I have spent my lifetime educating, training, selling the product and traveling.

I spent 7 years teaching and educating college students at Brigham Young University and in the New Hampshire Community College system in their respective travel and tourism programs.  I have lectured to professionals on a national level.

I have developed solid, lasting relationships with the world’s largest travel brands and product lines and considered one of the most sought after business coaches and mentor in the industry.

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In Demand

As a Certified Travel Consultant, since 1993 expertise matters!

I have been featured in Luxury Travel Advisor, appeared on Fox35 TV as a regular travel contributor and often guest speak around the country and on social media.

I privately consult and helping agencies develop business development plans to grow their revenue and help agents become stronger entrepreneurs.


You can find me in Peru hiking Machu Picchu, in Thailand kayaking through the caves, visiting the great pyramids and Luxor in Egypt, walking along the Great Wall of China or visiting Europe picking unique destinations that might be the next hip thing.

I am a pro in curating and designing European vacations and specialize in river cruising, tours and customized European travel.  My specialities include exotic destinations.

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Group Connoisseur

Group business is one of my favorite aspects of the business. I escorted my first group tour as junior in high school to Hawaii with a group a friends when we were barely even old enough to go alone.  Now you can find me escorting groups to unique destinations around the world. Our partnerships in the USA and abroad are the key to our success.

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My type A personality makes sure you have everything in order and you don’t miss a beat and my type B personality makes sure you have a great time doing it. I hand pick the experiences in every single country that I will know will bring value to your life.  Do you want to go to the Maldives?  I can get you there with ease and recommend a place to take a cooking class, tour with a private driver and a sunset sail around the islands.


Family Matters

Raising four children has made me an expert in all-inclusive and family travel.

Our children were raised world-schooling! Yep that meant they studied with us as we travelled before it was even an instagram thing to do. Just think homeschool with a twist.

We tested out and continue to test out many of the products and vendors we sell and we know what works for your family or your special occasion including multi generational travel and destination weddings.

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We have also lived in Japan, which brings a whole new level experience to selling Asia and Southeast Asia. Also, I speak conversational Japanese

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We give back through travel!

Every summer, I take groups of families and youth to give back on humanitarian expeditions through our non-profit,  Color My World  in third world destinations such as India, Nepal, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic.  This is our most important work that we do.  We don’t make a dollar from it but we gain so much in the process that it has become an invaluable piece of our lives.

We are invested in sustainability projects that improve the lives of those in need.


I am passionate about what I do and believe  “If you love what you you will never work a day in your life!”

I’m thrilled to offer you access to myself and my team for a personalized strategy planning session.

There are very few agencies that can match our experience when it comes to travel expertise and real education.

Our meeting is not by chance.

Here’s to us,


Client Testimonials

Great time first cruise

Angela was able to provide us with a couple of suggested cruises, as we had never cruised previously. We selected one that provided us with some extras such as a drink package and online ship credit. We did arrange our own hotel accommodations that we availed ourselves of prior to our cruise, as well as our own excursions. However we would use Angela again, as her suggestions for the cruise ships and cruise options were helpful and she handled all of the booking of the cruise, which didn't cost us any additional.

Sibling Group

Greece Unsurpassed Beauty

I do not have much international travel experience, so I was looking for a travel agent that did. In that, I decided to team up with Angela to plan my trip to Greece. She has been there many times and I found that so helpful to plan. She was professional, offered her experienced opinion and ultimately, the trip was amazing.


Make the world a smaller place

We are still in India, I am loving it, the people are so nice. It amazes me how people in US are so frightened. I keep getting messages about, are you afraid, bet you can’t wait to come home, I would never go there. I guess I asked you if I was safe, but I was still going. Anyway, thanks for encouraging me. I look forward to going home and opening peoples minds. You have an awesome job, Angela you make the world smaller for people, you open people minds, hearts and change lives for the better.


They have all been great

She is efficient, reliable and informative. Also a pleasure to talk to when needed. I would recommend this agent to my family and friends


Holy Land

It has been awesome. Her detail and follow through are excellent. Never had any negative issues with many trips booked through her. Becki has booked trips to Asia, Europe, South America, Holy Land , Australia and New Zealand and Iceland for us I would recommend this agent to my family and friends


Caribbean Queen

I'm currently working with Becki for my 5th time for a cruise coming up February 2020. Becki always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is right for those of us in our group (I've been going on the Bead Cruise that she is the travel agent for). She's patient and always available to help answer any questions from the most basic when I was a cruise newbie to more involved issues. Becki is a superstar and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!


A top notch travel planner

Great planner, organized, on top of schedules. No worries when Becki is handling our trips. We've never been caught with an unexpected problem. Becki has booked trips to South America, Europe, and Asia for us, as well as many cruises. All in all, over 20 trips. I would recommend this agent to my family and friends

Jerry M.

Lost passport but still had a great time

Becki was great to work with. I didn't know the first thing about planning a trip to Thailand. I gave Becki a list of things I wanted to try and do and she put together a great itinerary. She was happy to make any changes and was very responsive answering any questions I had. Our guides while in country were exceptional. In Bangkok, our guide would tell us about the history of the city and when we visited the temples he would walk with us and tell us interesting facts about where we were. In Chang Mai we lost our passports the morning we were supposed to get on a plane to Krabi and as a result our guide came 2 hours early and helped us file a police report then took us to the embassy to get temporary passports. We missed our flight so he helped us change our plane tickets and book a 2 hour Thai massage making what could have ruined our trip into a highlight. I can't thank Becki enough for taking the stress out of planning a trip like this. I will be using her again! I would recommend this agent to my family and friends


Organized, fun trips for the whole family!

I love working with Angela. She had lots of creative ideas and personal insights about our destinations that I never would have known about if I had tried to plan the trips by myself. I trust Angela’s advice completely!! Angela also helped us get home when our flight was cancelled and we weren’t able to get through to the airline. She’s the best!!!

Michaella B.

Truly Experts

After working in the travel industry for 17 years, I am very picky about who I use to coordinate our travel. Angela just booked a Mediterranean cruise for my family and I couldn't have been happier with her superior knowledge and outstanding customer service. We also attended a humanitarian mission last summer that Angela coordinated. I was so impressed with entire experience! I would recommend Angela and her company to anyone.

Heidi I.

Europe Adventure

Angela helped us plan a multigenerational cruise- we went on a Royal Caribbean cruise and Angela was extremely helpful. She had great suggestions and was very accommodating. Angela is an expert in planning travel and helped us with the details that I would overlook. She gave us excellent suggestions on where to stay prior to the cruise and advised us on all of our transfers. She told us where to go for dinner and what shore excursions we should try. Vacations can be expensive and we wanted an expert to help our family and that's what we got! Thanks to Angela all 9 of us had a fantastic time with countless happy memories. Thank you Angela. We are planning our next vacation with her! We highly recommend Angela and are grateful for her guidance!


France was a dream

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I had a great trip to France! Everything worked out beautifully without the stress of making all the arrangements myself as I have done before.??????? We took the option of going to the beaches of Normandy have been there before but I was anxious for my daughter to see them as my father was part of the first assault on day. We had a great tour guide, Jonathan Holburn was was very knowledgeable, helpful and funny.

Jan D.

Keeps on Getting Better

We have worked with Angela on multiple family April vacation trips - The DR, Mexico, Orlando. She always takes on the hard part - booking, dealing with hotels, ensuring correct room choices etc. so that we can just focus on having fun!


The Greatest Travel Agent

I LOVE having Angela's experience and help in our planning for corporate events on a budget. She has also helped with several personal trips, and can't imagine going somewhere new without input from her. She knows just about everything about every place we might go!

Paul H.
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