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Covid Testing for Travel

Quick COVID-19 TR-PCR Saliva Tests for Travelers (or anyone needing a test!).

These test kits are the most efficient RT-PCR saliva Covid-19 collection test on the market with results in 24-36 hours. MicroGenDX is one of the leading labs offering these tests with a process that is FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) approved. The tests are quick, easy and non-invasive. No uncomfortable nasal swab necessary. And anyone can be tested regardless of age and without medical authorization from your doctor. Kits can be sent to all 48 contiguous states and to the District of Columbia.


Disclaimer: It is the traveler’s responsibility to identify the destination requirements for test acceptance and timeline start date (whether from the sample or results). Note these may vary by destination. Please read the destination requirements carefully to determine when to send your sample to the lab. CRC Travel is not responsible for test results not received in time for trip departure.

  • Check your destination requirements below and make sure they will accept a SALIVA TEST. This is very important!
  • Order your kit ahead of time. Once orders are placed ImmunitiRx will ship your kit in 2 days.
  • Once you have ordered your test, look for the email from ImmunitiRx to fill out your lab form. MAKE SURE THE NAME YOU USE ON THE LAB FORM MATCHES YOUR PASSPORT EXACTLY.
  • The kit will be sent to you via FedEx.
  • When taking the test, follow the included instructions explicitly.
  • Look at the calendar and send in your sample so that the test results are valid for your travel dates base on the requirements of your destination.
  • Drop your completed test kit at a FedEx drop box in the pre-paid overnight box. It will not be accepted at a FedEx store.
  • Your test results will be delivered via text, email or a phone call. Print out your results and have them with you upon departure.
  • Remember, if you are taking a test for travel, the name on your Lab Form MUST MATCH YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS EXACTLY. Write clearly so the lab can read it!


Timely delivery to FedEx drop box prior to final pick-up time on any given day is your responsibility. A guide to when to ship can be found here.

Some destinations, like Tahiti, Hawaii and Jamaica, will not accept at-home tests for travelers.  Be sure to check your destination!

Disclaimer : Trips & Ships Luxury Travel is only recommending this testing company as a recommendation to clients.  We are not affiliated nor do we represent the company.  Trips & Ships Luxury Travel will not be responsible for anything covid related including testing.

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