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Seychelles is an African country that is made of 115 islands. 42 of these islands are made up of granite. These are the only islands in the world that aren’t made of coral or volcanic elements. This means that you can find pieces of granite scattered throughout the islands. it’s capital, Victoria, is the smallest capital in the world. It is home to many unique features such as many bird species and the largest tortoise in the world.


Aldabra is a type of tortoise that lives on these islands. The biggest tortoise in the world, Esmeralda, is an Aldabra and is found in Seychelles. He is found on Bird Island in Seychelles. This male tortoise weighs over 670 pounds and is assumed to be around 170 years old.

These tortoises are unique to Seychelles. They can only be found on certain islands within this country. Aldabra are one of the longest living animals known to man if not the longest living.


Scuba Diving

Seychelles is one of the best places in the world to go scuba diving. These islands are great for scuba diving due to the many coral reefs in their waters. The best time of year to go scuba diving there is April, October, or November. During this time the weather is warmer and the water is calmer. This avoids monsoon season.

If you have never been scuba diving before then you’ll have to get certified. This is a great place to start. One of the best places to scuba dive in Seychelles is off of Mahe Island. Here there are more than 75 dive sights.

Ancient Rainforests

89.1% of this country is forested. On that note, there is a lot of incredible wildlife on these islands. Seychelles is especially known for its unique birds. Some of these include the Seychelles magpie robin, the Seychelles paradise, and the the Seychelles paradise flycatcher.

These forests are great places to explore. Seychelles gets roughly 34-38 inches of rain each year throughout its islands. Some of these islands receive more or less. This rain produces beautiful green lush on the islands.


The majority of time spent in Seychelles will probably be dedicated to the beautiful beaches. These islands aren’t as well known among travelers. The people of Seychelles are often shocked to see Americans there because it is so far out. It is well worth it though.

These beaches are incredibly beautiful. Not only is the water beautiful from the sand but it is beautiful from beneath as well. Make sure to have plenty of beach time. This is the most popular thing to do on the island.

Good to know



Visa requirements

No visa requirement but passports need to last duration of stay and have at least one blank page.


The country is located in the east African Indian Ocean. It is made up of 115 islands.

Languages spoken

English, French, Seselwa

Curency used

Seychellois rupee


97625 (the smallest population of an African country)

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