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Top 5 Breathtaking Island Beaches

White sugar-like sands, azure waters and exquisite coasts are what the Maldives is made up of. It is sprinkled with exquisite beaches and wonderful reefs. A few beaches truly are an escape to paradise, their beauty unparalleled. They exude tranquillity, warmth, and serenity and leave you humbled amongst nature.

1. Cocoa Island

Cocoa Island on the South Male Atoll is simply exotic. They are closely connected to the Kandooma channel and the Guraidhoo channel. The scenic beauty here is overwhelming. An ideal romantic holiday place for a couple. This is a perfect vacation destination where you could gaze at the translucent waters, get thrilled looking at a multitude of hues of fish and watch the stingrays tango to the rhythm of the sea. Indulge in scuba diving if you are an adventure seeker, experience the exquisite marine life, or simply get swathed in the beauty of nature while you spend some romantic time with your loved one.

2. Reethi Rah Island

Reethi Rah is located on a tiny island in the Baa Atoll. The island is literally castaway in heaven. This dreamy, luxurious beach is the epitome of world-class comfort. With the availability of various boutique and bespoke water villas to a multitude of fancy restaurants, this island is the finest for a luxurious experience. Their hip and incredible nightlife are worth experiencing. The lit clubs and bars make the place very popular. Experience the island beach by taking private excursions, or rejuvenate and relax your mind and body in the resorts spas and wellness centres.

3. Vabbinfaru Island Beach

Vabbinfaru Island Beach is a canvas on nature. It is bright and the vibrance of the colours, the gorgeous light both above and in the sea is unforgettable. This is the destination for adventure and fun. From gorgeous villas to international gourmet food, this beach has it all. Explore and enjoy activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and even snorkelling.

4. Hulhumale Beach

Hulhumale Beach is located in Kaafu Atoll. It is the most popular beach destination in the Maldives. With the bluest of waters and the most exquisite sands, the incandescent beauty is mesmerizing. You could satiate your hunger pangs at the most exquisite restaurants or go for group snorkelling, scuba diving, and watch the changing colours in the sky in the evening at Sunset Cruise.

5. Lily Beach

Lily Beach is situated on Huvahendhoo Island in Ari Atoll and is connected to some of the most famous dive sites in the world. The island is all about the luxury of being pampered and to bask in the sun’s glory, as your days and time here will always stay afresh with you. Explore the exotic house reef or dive your heart out while enjoying the peace and harmony of nature.
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When is the Best Time to Travel?

Plush resorts tucked in private islands, a delectable range of seafood cooked in the exotic Maldivian style, breathtaking beauty beneath the ocean surface, and the ultimate pampering. The Maldives beckons you to its cool turquoise waters to experience lavish hospitality in their super luxurious resorts. With all this and more on offer, Maldives is definitely the place for ultimate beach satiation.

Seasonal Variation

Even people who don’t like beach holidays fall in love with the Maldives, and there’s a hotel for every holiday, from honeymooners to party people. The Maldives have two dominating seasons: a dry season (connected with dry northeast winter monsoons) and a wet season (connected with moist southwest monsoons and strong winds).

The Maldives is a beach destination that is sun-kissed and has weather which is year-round suitable for a trip. The best time to visit the Maldives should be chosen by the traveller based on what he wants to try or experience in the place. Most travellers start flying to the Maldives in December month as the weather starts opening up.

Dry Season

“The dry season has little rain and lower humidity; it lasts from December-April. It is the time when there’s no rainfall or very scarce rainfall which makes it the best time to visit the Maldives. This dry season is known for its lesser humidity and sustains from December to April. And it is when all the beach activities are best enjoyed. The average temperature remains around 30 Degrees Celsius during the day and 25 degrees Celsius in the night, with over about 9 hours of sunshine. For a tourist, this is the best time to be in the Maldives and enjoy the beach, the bar, and the spas.”

Being the popular time to visit one can see honeymooners, groups of friends on a bachelor or bachelorette parties, tourist groups and many others enjoying in their own ways beach satiation. The one who is outgoing enough, can surely grab a drink and join the bonfire in your resort or the shacks to strike up a conversation with fellow tourists and exchange stories. And no one can miss the vast expanse of the horizon and of course immersing in thoughts in front of it.

This is the best season to visit the Maldives for people willing to dive or take scuba lessons, as it will offer you incredible visibility and water temperature. With the currents flowing from the northeast direction, one may even catch a glimpse of the majestic underwater world in all its glory. The beauty that you will witness will remain with you for decades to come.

Wet Season

The wet season is (as understood) wetter, considered by stronger winds and rain; it lasts from May-November that is the monsoon season in the Maldives. The average daytime temperature in the Maldives in November is around 27 degree Celsius. The Maldives in October is usually cloudy due to regular rainfall. This is the time when it is an off-season for tourists. The prices are low and you may find fewer people in the hotels. It is the time when one can enjoy scuba diving and surf with the optimal conditions during monsoon in the Maldives.

It is the time when the rainfall is very heavy and the storms move through the archipelago fast. One can plan a trip around this time to witness the Independence Day (26th July): The Maldives’ Independence Day which is celebrated in style each year, with various festivities taking place, including parades and performances. October and November are a great time to see whale sharks and manta rays, which come to feed on the plankton. There are plenty of great offers to take advantage of at this time of year, making it a great value time to visit.

Good to know


The Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is a small island nation in South Asia, situated in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India, about 1,000 kilometres from the Asian continent.

Visa requirements

Currently, US citizens can travel to Europe for up to 90 days without any sort of travel authorization. ... Visa-free travelers, including US citizens, will need to request ETIAS authorization before visiting the Schengen Area. They can complete an application and pay a service fee of 7 euros (about $8) online.

Languages spoken

While Dhivehi is spoken throughout the country, also known as the Republic of the Maldives, as the dominant language, other dialects also exist here, such as Malé (which is actually the standard form of Maldivian and spoken in the capital city of the Maldives), Mulaku, Huvadhu, Maliku, Haddhunmathee, Mulaku and Addu.

Curency used

The currency of Maldives is the rufiyaa (Rf), which is divided into 100 larees. Notes come in denominations of 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, five and two rufiyaa, but the last two are uncommon.


Maldives are likely to be the reminiscence of a chain of sunken volcanoes formed around 60 millions of years ago. Recent studies suppose that coral reefs atolls have formed over hundreds of thousands of years on their sinking remains.

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