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Egypt Expedition

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Egypt total eclipse I 10 Days 09 nights I 05 nights Cairo and 4 nights Cruise | Jul 29 - Aug 07 2027

9 nights from $ 3470 per person
Start City : cairo
End City : cairo
Group size 2 - 10 Persons

Cairo Visits:

  • GEM ( Grand Egyptian Museum, if available )
  • Pyramids 
  • Civilization Museum 
  • Sphinx
  • Old Cairo
  • Citadel of Salah Eldeen
  • Memphis 
  • Sakkara
  • Khan El Kalili Bazaar

Cruise Sightseeing:

  • New Sphinx avenue 
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Valley of Kings  
  • Tombs of Rameses V & VI
  • Memnon status
  • Kom ombu Temple 
  • Aswan High Dam
  • Philae Temple
  • Felucca Ride
Your Experience

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  • Day 1

    Jul 29 - Arrival at Cairo.

    • After the arrival at Cairo International Airport, we offer the "meet and greet" service.  Afterward, you will be transferred to the hotel for check-in.

    Meals: no meals

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  • Day 2

    Jul 30 - Cairo Tour ( Grand Egyptian Museum  the Pyramids of Giza & the Great Sphinx)

    • Our day starts with a visit to the largest archaeological museum in the world, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM).  The new structure houses 100,000 masterpieces from several periods of Egypt's glorious history, 20,000 objects of which will be displayed for the first time such as King Tutankhamun's complete collection.
    • After touring the GEM, we will stop at a nice cozy restaurant for having lunch.
    •  We will, then, proceed to the one and only standing monument among the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Khufu, followed by The Pyramids of Khafra & Menkaura, the well-preserved valley temple of Khafra, and the Great Sphinx.


    Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

  • Day 3

     Jul 31 - Memphis, Sakkara, and old Cairo tour 

    • we will experience the Spiritual Cairo tour and explore some of the early religious monuments of Cairo. You`ll visit the El Muallaqa Church, dating to the late fourth and early fifth century. This basilica was named for its location on top of the south gate of the Fortress of Babylon. Muallaqa means "suspended or hanging." Destroyed in a ninth-century earthquake, the church became the center of the Coptic (or Christian) Church of Egypt from the time it was rebuilt in the eleventh century until the 14th century.
    • Make a stop at the Ben Ezra Synagogue, built sometime between the sixth and ninth centuries AD. The temple contains a Jewish Heritage Library, containing documents found here in 1896 that describe the economic and social conditions of Jews under Arab rule as well as descriptions of relations between various Jewish sects.
    • After lunch at a local restaurant (Abu Shakra), continue to Memphis, founded around 3,100 BC, is the legendary city of Menes, the King who united Upper and Lower Egypt. Early on, Memphis was more likely a fortress from which Menes controlled the land and water routes between Upper Egypt and the Delta. Having probably originated in Upper Egypt, from Memphis he could control the conquered people of Lower Egypt. However, by the Third Dynasty, the building at Saqqara suggests that Memphis had become a sizable city.
    • Proceed to the Sakkara site, Sakkara is one section of the great necropolis of Memphis, the Old Kingdom capital, and the kings of the 1st Dynasty as well as that of the 2nd Dynasty. are mostly buried in this section of the Memphis necropolis. It has been of constant interest to Egyptologists. Three major discoveries have recently been made at Sakkara, including a prime minister's tomb, a queen pyramid, and the tomb of the son of a dynasty-founding king. Each discovery has a fascinating story, with many adventures for the archaeologists as they revealed the secrets of the past.

    Meals: Breakfast and Lunch.

  • Day 4

    Aug 01 - Cairo Tour (National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Old Cairo, Citadel of Salah Eldeen) 

    • Start the day with a visit to the first authentic museum of civilization in Egypt.  The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) with 50,000 artifacts from the dawn of civilization to the present day.
    • Then, we will stop to have lunch in one of Cairo's best restaurants.
    • Stop for lunch, Continue the Cairo tour with a visit to The Citadel of Mohamed Ali (the Fortress of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi), built in 1183 and overlooking the city from the Muqattam Hills. The structure, with its domes and minarets, looks over a number of important buildings, including the Alabaster Mosque. Its domed interior, used by Moslems for daily prayers, is a spectacular sight of twinkling lights and beautiful mosaics.
    • A free tour in Khan Al-Khalili Market, which is one of the oldest and oldest Egyptian markets, where it is fun to shop and enjoy watching various Egyptian antiques and gifts throughout historical times, where you can buy souvenirs for you and your friends to remind you of your trip in Egypt

    Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

  • Day 5

    Aug 02 - Travel to Luxor and watch the total solar eclipse.

    • Early morning, arrive at Cairo International Airport to catch the flight to Luxor.
    • Upon arrival, you will then reach the luxurious Nile Cruise to spend the next four nights sailing from Luxor to Aswan.
    • Start of Partial:    Mon, Aug 2, 2027, at 10:19 am EET
      Start of Totality:    Mon, Aug 2, 2027, at 11:39 am EET
      End of Totality:    Mon, Aug 2, 2027, at 1:22 pm EEST
      End of Partial:    Mon, Aug 2, 2027, at 2:39 pm EEST
    • The rest of the day free

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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  • Day 6

    Aug 03 - Luxor West  Bank Tour, Optional Hot Air Balloon Ride

    • As the sun rises over Luxor, we offer an Optional Tour to enjoy a hot air balloon flight.
    • Breakfast will be served on the Nile Cruise.  Afterward, visit Luxor West Bank necropolis including the Valley of the Kings, Including the unique two tombs of Rameses V & VI, and the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.
    • The last stop of the day will be the Colossi of Memnon, the only standing monument of Amenhotep III's temple on the west bank of Thebes.
    • Back to the Nile Cruise for having lunch and enjoying the silence of the Nile at night.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Day 7

    Aug 04 - Edfu, Kom Ombo, Sail to Aswan 

    • Early morning, we will sail to Edfu and visit The Temple of Edfu and The Temple of Kom Ombo.
    • Sail to Aswan overnight.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Day 8

    Aug 05 - Aswan City Tour 

    • After having breakfast, visit The Aswan High Dam and Philae Temple
    • Take a felucca in the Nile and sail around The Botanical Garden, and then come back to the Nile Cruise overnight.
    • At night you may choose the Optional Sound and Light show.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Day 9

    Aug 06 - Aswan, Optional Abu Simbel Tour, Travel to Cairo 

    • After breakfast, check out and transfer to Aswan airport for your flight back to Cairo.
    • OR you may choose our Optional Abu Simbel Tour.

    Meals: Breakfast

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  • Day 10

    Aug 07 - Departure

    • Transfer to Cairo International Airport for Departure after having an early breakfast at the hotel.

    Meals: Breakfast


Luxury Accommodation:

  • Jul 29 - Aug 02: Sonesta Cairo Hotel or similar - on bed & breakfast 
  • Aug 02 - Aug 06: Royal signature Nile cruise or similar - on full board 
  • Aug 06 - Aug 07: Sonesta Cairo Hotel or similar - on bed & breakfast 


  • Jul 29: Arrival transfer to your Hotel from Cairo Airport
  • Aug 02: Transfer from your hotel to Cairo airport to fly to Luxor
  • Aug 02: Transfer from Luxor Airport to Your Nile Cruise
  • Aug 06: Transfer from your Cruise to Aswan Airport to fly to Cairo
  • Aug 06: Transfer from Cairo Airport to your Hotel
  • Aug 07: Final transfer from your hotel to Cairo Airport for final dep.


  • Jul 30:  Full-day pyramids, Sphinx, and  Grand Egyptian Museum  include Guiding, Lunch, Entrance  fees, and A/C Bus model 2022
  • Jul 31: Full-day Memphis,  Sakkara, and old Cairo tours include Guiding, Lunch, Entrance  fees, and A/C Bus model 2022
  • Aug 01: Full-day Cairo National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Citadel of Salah Eldeen, Alabaster Mosque, and Khan Al - Khalili Market   include Guiding, Lunch, Entrance  fees, and A/C Bus model 2022
  • Aug 02 - Aug 06: 5 Days cruise Sightseeing as per program including Guiding, Entrance  fees, and A/C Bus model 2022

Free Items:

  • Camel ride 

Domestic flights

  • CAI -> LXR
  • ASW - CAI

Not included:

  • Visa $25
  • Tipping
  • International and Domestic flights
  • any option tours 


P.P in doubleP.P in tripleSingleInternal air fromAvailability
$3470$3380$5900$300 Available

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