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Greece: the cradle of western civilization

Greece is a country located in southern Europe and consists of thousands of incredible islands. Santorini is the most popular of these islands with its red, black and white sand beaches but there is no reason to only visit one location while you find yourself in this part of Europe. There are so many places to discover in Greece. Here I have listed a few things to know before you embark in your journey.

The must eat foods of Greece: If you go to Greece without getting a Gyros you have failed. They are one of the most famous foods of Greece and are basically like a sandwich on Lira bread. It is very popular and consists of meat, tzatziki sauce, and salad. Choriatiki is also a delectable salad that has tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and is topped off with fetta cheese.  Greece is also a perfect place to go if  you have a  thing for seafood considering you are surrounded by the ocean. 


Study the architecture: There are more archaeology museums in this country than any other country so make sure to take advantage of them. 

Take a private cruise to Poseidon’s temple. You can also snorkel in the deep seas surrounding this architecture. Athens is where you will find many architectural museums including the famous acropolis.

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The power of the sun: Greece is considered to be one of the sunniest destinations so make sure to take time to simply bask in the sun, listen to the ocean, and relax in the moment. With that you  should also make sure to bring sunblock to protect your skin. You wouldn’t want to ruin your trip with an awful sunburn. Aloe Vera gel might also be a good idea just in case the sun does get to you a little too much. 


It’s better to be early than late: The most popular form of transportation in Greece is bus. Whether you travel by bus, train, or Ferry you want to be more than punctual because in Greece they sometimes leave before their departure time. You wouldn’t want to ruin your days plans by missing the ferry so as you make each days plans make sure to take this into consideration. 


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