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Luxury Ocean Cruising & River Cruising

Luxury Ocean Cruising & River Cruising

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. – Gustave Flaubert

What could be better than slowly seeing the countryside of Europe, enjoying long wine-soaked meals, seeing the most iconic historic sites without standing in a single line — or having to lift a finger to plan it all?

The rivers of the world connect more than countries; they allow you to discover multiple destinations in one seamless journey – from enchanting capitals to landscapes of arresting beauty.

As a luxury travel agency that looks forward to new opportunities and majestic trips; we understand that Luxury Ocean Cruising and River Cruising are now gaining steam outside of continental Europe, as ships in Southeast Asia, along the Amazon, on the Nile, and even in the U.S. start to catch on with in-the-know travelers.


Luxury Travel Agency Florida Luxury Ocean Cruising River Cruising


Luxury Travel Agency Florida Luxury Ocean Cruising River Cruising

Culinary Collection

If you are a food and wine enthusiast,  our culinary-themed sailings onboard premium and luxury cruise lines are your perfect match.  Each departure celebrates a world of epicurean delights and features demonstrations from world-renowned chefs, cooking classes onboard and on shore, wine and spirit tastings and delightful meals focused on regional cuisine. In addition, your clients receive value added amenities at no extra cost, such as onboard credit or the services of a Distinctive Voyages host, an exclusive shore event, and a private cocktail reception.

Distinctive Voyages

In addition to our low rates we have access to these exclusive vacation packages created by Travel Leaders Network and sold only through our members. Each Distinctive Voyage sailing features a Distinctive Voyages Host, an Exclusive Shore Event and a Private Cocktail Reception.

This exclusive collection of vacation packages, offered on over 300 sailings, includes extra amenities paired with exceptional cruises, at no additional cost to you.

  • Services of a Distinctive Voyages Host – You will receive a welcome letter in their cabin the day they arrive and will be able to contact the host with any questions or special requests. All hosts go through an extensive interview and training process to exceed your clients’ expectations.
  • Private Cocktail Reception – While enjoying cocktails and appetizers, you can get to know the other passengers in the Distinctive Voyages group. The Host will provide the details of the Exclusive Shore Event as well as be available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Exclusive Shore Event – Whether it’s a private wine tasting event with a seasoned sommelier at Heidelberg Castle, a gala concert and gourmet dinner at the Last Palace in St. Petersburg, or sampling Limoncello while learning how to make mozzarella in Sorrento, you will return from the shore event anxious to share stories about their unique experiences.

Amenity Departures

With over 40,000 agents, Travel Leaders Group is able to secure group space on over 3,000 sailings over the next 18 months.  On these Amenity Departure Date sailings, not only do you receive competitive pricing, but you can will also receive special amenities like shipboard credit, free specialty restaurant meals, wine and champagne, or prepaid gratuities — all at no extra cost!  We were also able to book at some special rates at pricing that was locked in up to 2 years ago.

Not only do we offer special pricing amenities with the following cruise partners, but our special agreements guarantee that we will be able to have your back with these lines if you run into any issues.

River Cruise Line Comparisons

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