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Discover Thailand

If you are looking for good food, cheap shopping, beautiful cites, and amazing wildlife, then Thailand is the place to go. This country is full of unforgettable experiences that you don’t want to miss out on so here are a few.

Loy Kathrong Festival: Embrace the Thai culture through the annual lantern festival. Each fall the Thai sky is lit up with countless lanterns for a fairytale experience.

Visit an elephant sanctuary. The Thai experience wouldn’t be the same without an elephant encounter. Find an elephant sanctuary that promotes helping elephants recover from abuse and allows you to have a personal experience helping these elephants by giving them a mud bath.

Visit the islands in Phuket. In the heart of the Indian Ocean, Thailand has many islands. One way to experience these islands is through taking an island tour off of Phuket. Get ready to snorkel in this crystal clear water and relax on the white sand beaches.


Visit a Buddhist temple. Thailand is full of many beautiful Buddhist temples. Make sure to be respectful and take your shoes off where it is indicated and keep the volume down.


Explore the Thai street markets. Thailand is full of incredibly cheap street markets. Bangkok is especially known for these shopping experiences. You will find that there are hundreds of stands and many kind Thai people willing to barter on their prices.


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