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The Ultimate Packing Guide for Your Time at Sea

There’s nothing like the luxury of spending multiple days in a giant ship, surrounded by incredible views of the ocean, breathing in the salty air, and still embracing the extravagant life of a cruise. There is so much to take in when you first take step on to this floating hotel. Thanks to modern day technology the options at sea are endless. Cruises are filled with delectable food choices, a variety of shows, competitions, music, and shops. These are just some options while you are aboard the boat. We haven’t even begun to discuss the options at your destinations. With all of this to consider, the last thing you want to think about is that one item you forgot at home that is going to make your trip less enjoyable.

We’ve all had that moment when you realize that you have just arrived to your destination without one of your most needed daily items, or worse, without an entire bag. Here we have provided a list of your must brings for your next cruise to prevent this disaster from making your excursion less than perfect.

1. Bring your sun protectors

Out on the water the sun is extremely  powerful. If you are one who is sensitive to the sun you will not want to forget your sunscreen, aloe, and probably a nice sun hat. The hat will not only protect your skin but it will also prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by the heat. It is also a good idea to bring a refillable water bottle so you make sure to stay hydrated. Even if you don’t burn easily you’ll still want to protect yourself from heat exhaustion and the harmful rays of the sun. Sunglasses can be very useful to keep the sun out of your eyes for your day’s activities on shore. Make sure to bring your favorite SPF lip balm as well. If you are planning on snorkeling, we recommend a rash guard to prevent the constant rays from giving you a sunburn that makes your trip miserable.


2. Documentation 

If you are planning a cruise that takes you outside of the country you will definitely  need a passport and perhaps another form of ID. Make sure to keep it in your personal bag because they will need to check it as you board the boat and you will be checking the rest of your luggage before you board. You will also need a document of your cruise ticket and we all also suggest you bring a printed ticket of any excursions you have previously bought. You are also able to buy land excursions while you are aboard the ship or when you reach land. Bring your student ID if you have one because there are often discounts available for museums or other tourist attractions. While you are worrying about cards also double check that  you have your credit card. It is smart to talk to your credit card company so they are aware that you will be out of the country and nothing gets flagged.

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3. Electronics

While we don’t recommend being stuck on your screen during your vacation, we do recommend having your phone and camera readily available. Make sure that you have chargers for both and plenty of storage available for all of your pictures. If you are leaving the country you may consider bringing a port convertor for while you are on land or a portable charger. While you are aboard the boat be aware that your service provider most likely doesn’t reach you in the middle of the ocean. Turn your phone on airplane mode and use the Wi-Fi provided by the ship. Leaving it on will cause roaming which could bring up some unexpected charges to your phone bill. If you choose to bring a camera, take caution while on land so that it doesn’t get stolen. It is also a good idea to bring a waterproof camera or a GoPro for whatever conditions you may experience while going on your adventures.


4. Clothing

Perhaps number one on your packing list should be a swimsuit. You should at the very least bring one swimsuit but we recommend bringing 2-3. If you only want to bring one you may consider bringing a little laundry detergent to wash it in between uses either in the laundry mat provided by the cruise or even in your bathroom sink.

Make sure to look into the themes of each night of your cruise. Often times there is a formal night and you will not be permitted into certain dining areas without formal clothing. There are also photographers provided on the ship so if you are interested in getting family pictures or portraits are done you will want to consider bringing clothes accordingly.

Shoes are also extremely important. You’ll want to bring sandals for the beach and most likely a good pair of hiking shoes that can get wet. There are often places to hike up waterfalls or through streams. There are also gyms aboard cruises so if you are interested in working out while aboard you will want to bring a pair of workout shoes.


These items are all really important to bring on your next excursion. Make sure that you also take into consideration the local weather of your destinations and the time of year at which you are traveling. It is smart to bring a light jacket aboard the boat because sometimes that night breeze is cooler than you’d expect. We’d love to hear any comments about any items you found helpful on your cruise trips. Feel free to comment below for any suggestions for your fellow travelers.

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