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The Unbeatable Iceland Itinerary

Be enchanted by the dazzling Northern Lights: Iceland is one of the most spectacular places in the world to see the famous Aurora Borealis. Watch as the wide array of colored lights dance across the sky.

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Take a ride on Iceland’s unique horses: Iceland has a rare breed of horses that are unique to this country. They are smaller than most horses but are known to be great for riding.

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Spot out the whales of the northern hemisphere: Whales are known to be the biggest living mammal. Make sure to watch out for their famous tales shooting out of the water after they come up for air.


Tour the ice caves: You can’t go to Iceland without visiting the giant ice caves. Take time to discover the interesting shapes that have been formed into these ice masses. You can take a tour or you can explore these on your own.


Visit one of its many hot springs: There is nothing more relaxing than soaking in a steaming natural body of water in the middle of nature. When it comes to Iceland, the options of hot springs are endless. There are also many geyers that have boiling water launching into the air like the one above.


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