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The Wonders of Australia

Although this country is currently closed, it is a place to look forward to. Australia has gotten down to just a few cases of Covid a day and they are trying to keep it that way. This doesn’t mean you should remove it from your bucket list. When it opens, which we all hope will be soon, Australia is a great place to travel.

It is known for its incredible outback and its well developed cities. It is the driest piece of land next to Antarctica. Australia is a great place to visit if you are looking to see plenty of wildlife, yet still enjoy the city life in one trip.

Explore Sydney’s Opera House

This opera house is perhaps the most iconic photo from Australia. It holds many symphonies as well as other shows. It took 14 years to build this incredible construction and it began in 1957. Over 10.9 million people visit it every year and it is easy to see why.

This arts theater holds about 40 shows a week. It is a great night activity with its concessions and entertainment. There are different seating options available for watching the show. You can stand up close or you can sit from a balcony. If you aren’t interested in watching a show, it is still a must see from outside with its spectacular architectural design.


Have Wildlife Encounters

Australia has some of the most unique animals in the world. About 80% of the world’s wildlife is unique to Australia. Make sure to take advantage of this by visiting one of the many zoos or going to a wildlife park. There are plenty of options available to get pictures cuddling a koala or having a python around your neck.

Kangaroo’s are also extremely common. There are actually double the amount of kangaroos as there are people on this continent. These jumping animals are quite the cite. The record jump for a kangaroo is a whopping 30 feet. You’ll find kangaroos anywhere from the beach to a field of grass.


Visit Melbourne

This city has been voted the world’s most livable city. It is the perfect place to tour the streets and enjoy the relaxed vibe of the city. It is well known for its music, arts, and museums. People actually come from all over the world to see the street art that is so prevalent there.

Melbourne is also always hosting events from musical events to sporting events. There is always life in the streets with musicians playing and people enjoying themselves.


Travel to Its National Parks

Australia is home to over 500 national parks. There is a large variety of sites to see among them.  At the top of the list is Kakadu National Park. This national park has an amazing waterfall, bird watching, rock art, and guided tours. It is also the biggest national park in Australia.

Other national parks include Purnululu and Freycinet National Park. The national parks of Australia very from the ocean to the desert. Consider what kinds of things you are most interested in seeing and plan accordingly.


Go to the Beaches

Australia has so many beaches that if you visited a new one everyday, you’d finish visiting all of them after 27 years. These oceans provide world renowned surf spots. They are also well known due to the white sand and clear blue waters. There are great beaches for families and more private beaches as well.


It’s Worth It

Australia might be closed now but it is well worth the wait. There is such a variety of activities to do there so that everyone’s wishes will be met. When this country opens again there will still be beautiful beaches, many animals, and plenty of art waiting.

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