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European Traveller (trafalgar)





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London, United Kingdom

Rome, Italy

10 days, 9 nights

June 2024 to October 2025

US$ 2825.00 (1 adult - twin)

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England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City

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Dining Summary

  • 9 Breakfast (B)
  • 3 Dinner (D)

Be My Guest

  • Rome: Travel to Isola Tiberina and enjoy an evening with Fabio and his family in a unique setting amid roman excavations. Start with a drinks reception before the family host you for dinner.

Iconic Experience

  • Paris: Join a Local Specialist to discover the hidden squares and secret lanes of Paris.
  • Switzerland: Marvel at the Alpine landscape as you drive past breathtakingly beautiful mountains and valleys.
  • Florence: Join a Local Specialist to view the multi-colored marble cathedral, bell tower and baptistery, adorned by Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise. Visit the political heart of the city, Signoria Square.
  • Florence: See the area around Santa Croce Basilica, famous for the quality of its luxury goods, and witness a gold and leatherwork demonstration.
  • Vatican: Visit Vatican City and tour St. Peter's Basilica with a Local Specialist. Witness the early genius of Michelangelo as you take in the Pietà.


  • Venice: Discover the ancient skill of Venetian glassblowing and play a part in preserving this traditional craft. This experience supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Must-see Highlights

  • : Explore London, Paris, Florence and Rome
  • : Discover Lucerne and Venice
  • : Visit a glassblowing factory in Venice and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome
  • : View the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Lion Monument and the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, St. Mark's Basilica in Venice and the ancient sites of Rome
  • : See the Somme Battlefields and the vineyards of Burgundy in France
  • : Scenic Cruise by private launch to St. Mark's Square in Venice

Whats Included

  • : An expert Travel Director and professional Driver
  • : Ferry across the Channel from Dover to Calais
  • : Cherry-picked hotels, all tried and trusted
  • : All porterage and restaurant gratuities
  • : All hotel tips, charges and local taxes
  • : Breakfast daily and up to half of your evening meals
  • : Must-see sightseeing and surprise extras
  • : Audio headsets for flexible sightseeing
  • : Luxury air-conditioned coach with Wi-Fi in most countries or alternative transportation (such as rail journeys)
  • : Optional Experiences and free time
  • London: The services of a Trafalgar Local Host when you stay at Trafalgar's recommended London hotel
  • : On occasion, hotels of similar standard and location may be utilized.


Day 1: Welcome to London

Spend the day exploring the pomp and pageantry of a city that effortlessly combines old and new.

Locations Visited

Hilton Kensington

Day 2: Discover Historic London

Join a Local Specialist this morning for a tour of the iconic and unexpected highlights of London, including Big Ben, the imposing Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Spend a leisurely afternoon shopping on Carnaby Street, consider visiting one of London's museums or wander along the Thames watching ambitious Londoners pound the pavements.

Locations Visited

Hilton Kensington

Day 3: Cross the English Channel to Paris

Meet your Travel Director before saying cheerio London and hello sparkling White Cliffs of Dover, England's last hurrah before we cross the English Channel by ferry bound for Calais. We pass the tragic World War I battlefields of the Somme before arriving in Paris where we will enjoy dinner. This evening the City of Light provides an enchanting backdrop for an orientation drive that will showcase several of the sights which await us tomorrow.

Locations Visited

Evergreen Laurel
Breakfast, Dinner
London, Dover, Calais, Paris

Day 4: Explore the Sights of Paris

Embark on a scenic sojourn, with your Local Specialist, along the grand Champs-Élysées to view the Arc de Triomphe, honoring those who fought for France. View Notre Dame Cathedral and enjoy a stroll through the Latin Quarter. This afternoon, you’ll have some leisure time to explore the treasures of Paris. Perhaps enjoy breath-taking views from the highest rooftop terrace in Paris or relax at a cozy French café and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the world go by.

Locations Visited

Evergreen Laurel

Day 5: Onwards to Explore Lucerne

We wind our way through the sprawling vineyards of Auxerrois and Burgundy, journeying south past the 15th-century fortress of Châteauneuf and rolling green farmlands into Switzerland bound for Lucerne. Cross the famous wooden Chapel Bridge with its 17th-century paintings and view the mortally wounded lion hewn from rock, paying tribute to the hundreds of brave Swiss Guards who died defending Louis XVI.

Locations Visited

Breakfast, Dinner
Paris, Lucerne

Day 6: Journey to the Floating City of Venice

The contrast of scenery today is nothing short of remarkable. Traversing the Alps, we travel through the St. Gotthard tunnel and the border at Chiasso into Italy. Catch a glimpse of northern Italy's beautiful lakes, whose scenic retreats have attracted the aristocracy for centuries, before arriving this afternoon in Venice.

Locations Visited

Novotel Mestre Castellana
Lucerne, Venice

Day 7: On to Florence Make Travel Matter

Take to the water and board a private motor launch to the gateway of Venice, St. Mark's Square. View the Bridge of Sighs and ornate Doge's Palace, then embark on your unforgettable MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience where you’ll witness the centuries-old craft of glassblowing at one of the oldest workshops in Venice. Watch how talented master craftsmen shape the molten glass into the delicate works of art you’ve come to admire from afar and perhaps be inspired to buy your own souvenir to remind you of this special experience. Later, there’s time to explore the hidden calle and campi of Venice to fit in some shopping or soak up the sights and sounds of the Queen of the Adriatic before crossing the Apennine Mountains bound for Florence, the 'Cradle of the Renaissance'.

Locations Visited

Grand Mediterraneo
Venice, Florence

Day 8: Journey to Rome

The magnificent Renaissance dome of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and the Baptistery stand imposingly in the center of Florence and are among the sights we will view during our guided walking tour with a Local Specialist. Delve into the city’s rich cultural, artistic and architectural heritage, then learn about the quality and workmanship of one of this city's historic industries at a demonstration of Florentine leathercraft. Marvel at the impressive palazzi and art in the Piazza della Signoria, the political hub of the city. Rome is our final stop today.

Locations Visited

Midas Palace
Florence, Rome

Day 9: Uncover Ancient Rome and the Vatican City Connect with Locals

Visit the Vatican for a memorable encounter with the center of Christianity. A Local Specialist will take you on a tour of St. Peter's Basilica, the home of Michelangelo's Pietà, crafted from the most perfect block of Carrara marble. Consider an Optional Experience to see the magnificent frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, before traveling to Ancient Rome to view the Colosseum and see the Roman Form. This evening, at our Farewell Dinner, we Connect With Locals at a Be My Guest experience and celebrate the Italian zest for life, food and good company.

Locations Visited

Midas Palace
Breakfast, Dinner
Rome, Vatican, Rome

Day 10: Farewell Rome

Our adventure together has come to an end. We say a fond farewell to Rome and our travel companions at the end of our journey.

Locations Visited


What's included

Whats Included

  • An expert Travel Director and professional Driver
  • Ferry across the Channel from Dover to Calais
  • Cherry-picked hotels, all tried and trusted
  • All porterage and restaurant gratuities
  • All hotel tips, charges and local taxes
  • Breakfast daily and up to half of your evening meals
  • Must-see sightseeing and surprise extras
  • Audio headsets for flexible sightseeing
  • Luxury air-conditioned coach with Wi-Fi in most countries or alternative transportation (such as rail journeys)
  • Optional Experiences and free time
  • London: The services of a Trafalgar Local Host when you stay at Trafalgar's recommended London hotel
  • On occasion, hotels of similar standard and location may be utilized.
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