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Be a Travel Leader

Friends & Family Group Leader Program

Travel FREE when you travel with your Friends & Family

Traveling with friends and family is rewarding – and we are making it even more rewarding with our Friends & Family Program. 

Gather a set number of friends or family on one of our trips and you’ll travel FREE as the Group Leader.

Or, you may choose to share the cash equivalent of your FREE trip amongst the members of your group—that way, everyone saves.

How to Travel Anywhere in the World for Free as a Group or Tour Leader

If you belong to virtually ANY kind of special interest group and you love to travel, you have a natural way of turning your interests

and love of sharing adventure into potentially a LIFESTYLE of FREE TRAVEL.

Are you a member of

-an alumni association

-fraternal organization

-book club, golf, garden or crafting club

Are you a lifetime learner whose enthusiasm for knowing spills over into volunteering at your local museum or theater group or being a member of a reading club?

If you do, then you already know just how rewarding it can be to spend time with people who share the same passion as you do.So why not share your love of learning and travel with the same people you are already sharing your leisure time passions and pastimes with by organizing a tour based on your interests and then inviting members of your group to come along.

You can even EXTEND your invitation to others who are interested by advertising your tour via various social media venues. What better way to meet new folks who share your passions… spend a week or two traveling with them… and develop new relationships which often evolve into lifelong friendships!

If you can organize or assemble a group of from 10 to 20 people (depending on tour or cruise company) … we can book the tour or cruise for you and you can travel free.*

*Each tour company and cruise line has different requirements to be met.

We help you with the social media and the marketing material.

All you have to do is spread the word.

We love our pied pipers and team leaders!

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